The Benzodiazepine Podcast
A Conversation With Chris Paige On Educating Healthcare Providers
September 2, 2022
Chris Paige is back to discuss how we can help doctors to better help their patients with the severe symptoms of benzo withdrawal.
Many doctors have no idea what their patients are going through when they stop taking benzodiazepines, or even during the tapering process. In fact, many doctors have no idea how to help their patients taper. They may either taper their patients too quickly, or even recommend that they stay on benzodiazepines indefinitely to avoid the issue.

If doctors had better information, they might be better prepared to help their patients through the tapering and withdrawal process. It is important that doctors are aware of what to expect, in terms of symptoms, and what tools are available to help.

They must also understand that each patient is an individual who may experience benzo withdrawal differently. Chris Paige is dedicated to educating healthcare providers to help them to help their patients get through this very difficult process.